Xinruili epoxy floor paint for garage

Epoxy floor paint is mainly used for beautification, embellishment, decoration, etc. It has the functions of anti-seepage, dustproof, easy disinfection and hygiene, etc. It is used in exhibition halls, shopping malls, supermarkets, terminals, hotel exhibition halls, lobbies, parks, etc. public places and commercial places.

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Epoxy floor paint has high bonding strength with the base layer, extremely low shrinkage rate during hardening, and is not easy to crack; the whole is seamless, easy to clean, and does not accumulate dust and bacteria; high solid content, one-time film thickness; no solvent, construction toxicity Small, environmentally friendly; high strength, wear-resistant, durable, can withstand the rolling of forklifts, carts and other vehicles for a long timeEpoxy floor paint is a kind of paint used for ground protection. It adopts an integral polymer surface layer, called epoxy floor paint. The main components are epoxy resin and curing agent.Epoxy floor paint is generally applied by roller coating, and is generally used in schools, hospitals, or garages.
item value
Place of Origin China
Main Raw Material Epoxy
Usage Building Coating, Floor paint
Application Method Roller
State Liquid Coating
Brand Name Xinruili
Color Optional Colors
Feature Non-toxic
Material Epxoy
Packing OEM Service Provided
Gloss MattsatinGlossyHigh Glossy
Coverage 4㎡/L
Drying time Completely Dry 24H

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